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Puppetmaster is live!

Server optimized for Game (/ver) 30170304_1

Server has been updated as of April 3rd, 2017. If you need assistance in updating your own client, follow our guide.

Welcome to Era, with dozens of custom travel NPCs and several time-saving commands. The EXP grind is minimal with an explosive, evolving endgame scene that stays true to the classic experience in its prime while always mixing in custom challenges in new ways to keep you on your toes. With consistent, unstopping progress on implementing both retail and custom content monthly, we aim to recreate the conditions that make you feel at home in the ffxi world we all remember, with an entirely player-run auction house and bazaar market driving the NM economy. Enjoy the lasting nostalgia of the 75-cap retail Era without as much grind and instead more emphasis on Endgame Experience with a default x4 XP boost, or experience the same level grind from classic retail with Era's custom Mentor mode: x1 exp rate and no FoV, forcing you against IT++ enemies to earn the familiar 200+ experience point chains. Your success as a Mentor is rewarded by several healthy perks scaling alongside your progress; Including but not limited to otherwise-inaccessible gear, custom buff NPCs and convenient movement accessories.

A new Mentor Mode guide by Gisela made for the current update. Details are outlining mentor mode as it will be once a post-update mentor patch is released.

Visit our github page to report gameplay bugs and other game-related issues. Do not use this for anything like getting an item compensated due to an R0, or for donations. This is strictly to provide a view of current known issues and a place that our responses and even DSP's can be seen.

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