3 2 150 Waughroon Shrine
Achieving True Power75 Navukgo Execution Chamber
Amphibian Assault60 Sacrificial Chamber
Ancient Flames Backon30 Spire of Mea
Ancient Flames Beckon30 Spire of Dem
Ancient Flames Beckon30 Spire of Holla
Ancient Vows40 Monarch Linn
Antagonistic AmbuscadeUncapped Boneyard Gully
Apocalypse Nigh75 Empyreal Paradox
Ark Angels 199 LaLoff Amphitheater
Ark Angels 299 LaLoff Amphitheater
Ark Angels 399 LaLoff Amphitheater
Ark Angels 499 LaLoff Amphitheater
Ark Angels 599 LaLoff Amphitheater
Automaton Assault60 Mine Shaft 2716
Avian ApostatesUncapped Balgas Dais
Awful Autopsy50 QuBia Arena
Bad Seed40 Monarch Linn
Battaru Royale80 Full Moon Fountain
Beast Within90 Jade Sepulcher
Beloved Of The Atlantes50 Monarch Linn
Beyond InfinityUncapped Horlais Peak
Beyond InfinityUncapped Balgas Dais
Beyond InfinityUncapped QuBia Arena
Beyond InfinityUncapped Waughroon Shrine
Bionic BugUncapped Mine Shaft 2716
Birds Of A Feather30 Waughroon Shrine
Bonds Of MythrilUncapped Throne Room [S]
Breaking The Bonds Of Fate75 Talacca Cove
Brothers75 Bearclaw Pinnacle
Brothers D Aurphe60 QuBia Arena
Bugard In The Clouds50 Monarch Linn
Cactuar SuaveUncapped Chamber of Oracles
Call To Arms60 Talacca Cove
Carapace Combatants30 Horlais Peak
Carbuncle Debacle99 Cloister of Gales
Carbuncle Debacle99 Cloister of Storms
Cat Burglar Bares Fangs99 Chamber of Oracles
Celery60 QuBia Arena
Celestial Nexus75 The Celestial Nexus
Central ApollyonUncapped Apollyon
Central Apollyon IiUncapped Apollyon
Central Temenos 1st FloorUncapped Temenos
Central Temenos 2nd FloorUncapped Temenos
Central Temenos 3rd FloorUncapped Temenos
Central Temenos 4th FloorUncapped Temenos
Central Temenos 4th Floor IiUncapped Temenos
Central Temenos BasementUncapped Temenos
Central Temenos Basement IiUncapped Temenos
Century Of Hardship60 Mine Shaft 2716
Charming Trio20 Balgas Dais
Clash Of The ComradesUncapped QuBia Arena
Class Reunion99 Cloister of Frost
Come Into My ParlorUncapped QuBia Arena
Compliments To The Chef75 Talacca Cove
Contaminated ColosseumUncapped Horlais Peak
CopycatUncapped Waughroon Shrine
Creeping Doom30 Balgas Dais
Crustacean Conundrum20 Waughroon Shrine
Cs ApollyonUncapped Apollyon
Cs Apollyon IiUncapped Apollyon
Darkness Descends99 Throne Room [S]
Darkness Named40 The Shrouded Maw
Dauntless Duo Vs260 Stellar Fulcrum
Dawn85 Empyreal Paradox
Demolition Squad60 QuBia Arena
Desires Of Emptiness50 Spire of Vahzl
Die By The Sword30 QuBia Arena
Dismemberment Brigade60 Horlais Peak
Divine MightUncapped LaLoff Amphitheater
Divine Punishers60 Balgas Dais
Double DragonianUncapped Horlais Peak
Dragon Scales99 Chamber of Oracles
Dropping Like Flies30 Horlais Peak
Dynamis BastokUncapped Dynamis-Bastok
Dynamis BeaucedineUncapped Dynamis-Beaucedine
Dynamis BuburimuUncapped Dynamis-Buburimu
Dynamis JeunoUncapped Dynamis-Jeuno
Dynamis QufimUncapped Dynamis-Qufim
Dynamis SandoriaUncapped Dynamis-San dOria
Dynamis TavnaziaUncapped Dynamis-Tavnazia
Dynamis ValkurmUncapped Dynamis-Valkurm
Dynamis WindurstUncapped Dynamis-Windurst
Dynamis XarcabardUncapped Dynamis-Xarcabard
E-vase-ive ActionUncapped QuBia Arena
Early Bird Catches The WyrmUncapped Balgas Dais
Empty AspirationsUncapped Spire of Vahzl
Empty DesiresUncapped Spire of Mea
Empty DreamsUncapped Spire of Dem
Empty HopesUncapped Spire of Holla
Eye Of The StormUncapped Chamber of Oracles
Eye Of The Tiger50 Horlais Peak
Factory Rejects40 QuBia Arena
Fiat LuxUncapped Throne Room [S]
Final Bout50 Waughroon Shrine
Fire In The Sky40 Monarch Linn
Flames For The Dead60 Bearclaw Pinnacle
Follow The White Rabbit75 Bearclaw Pinnacle
Furious Finale99 QuBia Arena
Grimshell Shocktroopers60 Waughroon Shrine
Grove Guardians30 Waughroon Shrine
Happy Caster75 Navukgo Execution Chamber
Harem Scarem30 Balgas Dais
Head Wind50 Boneyard Gully
Heir To The Light99 QuBia Arena
Heroines Combat60 Stellar Fulcrum
Hills Are AliveUncapped Waughroon Shrine
Holy Cow75 Bearclaw Pinnacle
Holy Crest75 Ghelsba Outpost
Horns Of WarUncapped Horlais Peak
Hostile Herbivores50 Horlais Peak
Idol Thoughts50 QuBia Arena
Indomitable Triumvirate Vs360 Stellar Fulcrum
Infernal SwarmUncapped QuBia Arena
Jungle Boogymen60 Sacrificial Chamber
Kindergarten CapUncapped Horlais Peak
Kindred Spirits90 Throne Room
Last Orc-shunned HeroUncapped Horlais Peak
Legacy Of The Lost99 Talacca Cove
Legion Xi Comitatensis60 Chamber of Oracles
Let Sleeping Dogs Die30 QuBia Arena
Like The Wind75 Boneyard Gully
Maiden Of The Dusk99 Walk of Echoes
Making A Mockery60 Jade Sepulcher
Mercenary Camp60 Stellar Fulcrum
Mirror Images50 QuBia Arena
Mirror Mirror40 Ghelsba Outpost
Moa ConstrictorsUncapped Balgas Dais
Mobline ComedyUncapped Mine Shaft 2716
Moment Of TruthUncapped Jade Sepulcher
Moonlit Path80 Full Moon Fountain
Moon Reading80 Full Moon Fountain
Nest Of NightmaresUncapped Monarch Linn
Ne ApollyonUncapped Apollyon
Nw ApollyonUncapped Apollyon
Ode Of Life Bestowing75 Stellar Fulcrum
Omens75 Navukgo Execution Chamber
One To Be Feared60 Sealions Den
On My Way99 Waughroon Shrine
Operation Desert SwarmUncapped Waughroon Shrine
Ouryu ComethUncapped Riverne-Site A01
Palborough ProjectUncapped Waughroon Shrine
Petrifying Pair30 Ghelsba Outpost
Playing Host30 Spire of Mea
Prehistoric PigeonsUncapped Waughroon Shrine
Project Shantottofication99 Sacrificial Chamber
Pulling The Plug50 Spire of Vahzl
Pulling The StringsUncapped Mine Shaft 2716
Puppetmaster Blues75 Talacca Cove
Puppet In Peril99 Jade Sepulcher
Puppet Master99 Cloister of Tremors
Rank 2 Mission25 Balgas Dais
Rank 2 Mission25 Horlais Peak
Rank 2 Mission25 Waughroon Shrine
Rank 5 Mission50 QuBia Arena
Rapid Raptors50 Balgas Dais
Requiem Of A SinUncapped Boneyard Gully
Return To Delkfutts Tower75 Stellar Fulcrum
Return To The Depths90 Mine Shaft 2716
Rider ComethUncapped Hazhalm Testing Grounds
Royale RambleUncapped Balgas Dais
Royal Jelly40 Waughroon Shrine
Royal Succession40 Balgas Dais
Saintly Invitation99 Balgas Dais
Savage50 Monarch Linn
Save The ChildrenUncapped Ghelsba Outpost
Scarlet KingUncapped Chamber of Oracles
Seasons GreetingsUncapped Balgas Dais
Se ApollyonUncapped Apollyon
Shadows Of The Mind90 Jade Sepulcher
Shadow Lord Battle90 Throne Room
Shattering Stars99 QuBia Arena
Shattering Stars99 Chamber of Oracles
Shattering Stars99 Horlais Peak
Shattering Stars99 Horlais Peak
Shattering Stars99 Chamber of Oracles
Shattering Stars99 QuBia Arena
Shattering Stars99 QuBia Arena
Shattering Stars99 Chamber of Oracles
Shattering Stars99 Horlais Peak
Shattering Stars99 Waughroon Shrine
Shattering Stars99 Balgas Dais
Shattering Stars99 Balgas Dais
Shattering Stars99 Balgas Dais
Shattering Stars99 Waughroon Shrine
Shattering Stars99 Waughroon Shrine
Sheep In Antlions Clothing75 Boneyard Gully
Shell ShockedUncapped Waughroon Shrine
Shell We Dance75 Boneyard Gully
Shield Of Diplomacy99 Navukgo Execution Chamber
Shooting Fish20 Horlais Peak
Shots In The Dark60 Horlais Peak
Simulant30 Spire of Holla
Smash A Malevolent Menace90 Throne Room
Solitary Demolisher Vs160 Stellar Fulcrum
Steamed Sprouts40 Balgas Dais
Storms Of FateUncapped Riverne-Site B01
Sugar-coated Directive80 Cloister of Gales
Sugar-coated Directive80 Cloister of Tremors
Sugar-coated Directive80 Cloister of Tides
Sugar-coated Directive80 Cloister of Flames
Sugar-coated Directive80 Cloister of Frost
Sugar-coated Directive80 Cloister of Storms
Survival Of The Wisest90 Throne Room
Sw ApollyonUncapped Apollyon
Tails Of Woe40 Horlais Peak
Tango With A TrackerUncapped Boneyard Gully
Temenos Eastern TowerUncapped Temenos
Temenos Northern TowerUncapped Temenos
Temenos Western TowerUncapped Temenos
Temple Of Uggalepih99 Sacrificial Chamber
Test Your Mite40 The Shrouded Maw
The Secret Weapon99 Horlais Peak
Thief In Norg99 Waughroon Shrine
Those Who Lurk In Shadows99 QuBia Arena
Through The Quicksand Caves99 Chamber of Oracles
Toadal Recall30 Ghelsba Outpost
Todays HoroscopeUncapped Horlais Peak
Totentanz75 Boneyard Gully
Tough Nut To Crack60 Navukgo Execution Chamber
Treasure And Tribulations50 Balgas Dais
Trial-size Trial By Earth20 Cloister of Tremors
Trial-size Trial By Fire20 Cloister of Flames
Trial-size Trial By Ice20 Cloister of Frost
Trial-size Trial By Lightning20 Cloister of Storms
Trial-size Trial By Water20 Cloister of Tides
Trial-size Trial By Wind20 Cloister of Gales
Trial By EarthUncapped Cloister of Tremors
Trial By FireUncapped Cloister of Flames
Trial By IceUncapped Cloister of Frost
Trial By LightningUncapped Cloister of Storms
Trial By WaterUncapped Cloister of Tides
Trial By WindUncapped Cloister of Gales
Under Observation40 Horlais Peak
Undying Promise40 QuBia Arena
Uninvited GuestsUncapped Monarch Linn
Up In Arms60 Waughroon Shrine
V FormationUncapped Balgas Dais
Waking DreamsUncapped The Shrouded Maw
Waking The BeastUncapped Cloister of Flames
Waking The BeastUncapped Cloister of Frost
Waking The BeastUncapped Cloister of Storms
Waking The BeastUncapped Cloister of Gales
Waking The BeastUncapped Cloister of Tides
Waking The BeastUncapped Cloister of Tremors
Waking The Beast FullmoonUncapped Full Moon Fountain
Warriors Path99 Sealions Den
When Angels FallUncapped The Garden of RuHmet
When Hell Freezes Over75 Bearclaw Pinnacle
Where Two Paths Converge90 Throne Room
Whom Wilt Thou CallUncapped Sacrificial Chamber
Wild Wild Whiskers60 Balgas Dais
Wings Of Fury20 Ghelsba Outpost
Worms Turn40 Waughroon Shrine
Wyrmking DescendsUncapped Riverne-Site B01
You Are What You Eat30 Spire of Dem