Main Gauche
Basic Information
Name:Main Gauche
Item ID:19102
Stack Size:1
Sell Price:0 Gil
Flags: No Auction, Can Equip, No Sale, No Delivery, Ex, Rare, None
AH Category:N/A
Armor Information
Jobs: DNC
Slot(s):Main, Sub
Weapon Information
Damage Type:Piercing
Points to Unlock:0
Drop Information
Bat EyeNyzul Isle2%Normal
Shadow EyeNyzul Isle2%Normal
Juggler HecatombNyzul Isle2%Normal
HellionNyzul Isle2%Normal
Leaping LizzyNyzul Isle2%Normal
Tom Tit TatNyzul Isle2%Normal
Jaggedy-Eared JackNyzul Isle2%Normal
Cactuar CantautorNyzul Isle2%Normal
GargantuaNyzul Isle2%Normal
PeallaidhNyzul Isle2%Normal
CarneroNyzul Isle2%Normal
Falcatus AraneiNyzul Isle2%Normal
Emergent ElmNyzul Isle2%Normal
Old Two-WingsNyzul Isle2%Normal
IntuloNyzul Isle2%Normal
Valkurm EmperorNyzul Isle2%Normal
Crushed KrauseNyzul Isle2%Normal
Stinging SophieNyzul Isle2%Normal
Serpopard IshtarNyzul Isle2%Normal
Western ShadowNyzul Isle2%Normal
Bloodtear BaldurfNyzul Isle2%Normal
Zizzy ZillahNyzul Isle2%Normal
Mischievous MicholasNyzul Isle2%Normal
Leech KingNyzul Isle2%Normal
Eastern ShadowNyzul Isle2%Normal
NunyenuncNyzul Isle2%Normal
HelldiverNyzul Isle2%Normal
Fungus BeetleNyzul Isle2%Normal
Friar RushNyzul Isle2%Normal
Pulverized PfefferNyzul Isle2%Normal
ArgusNyzul Isle2%Normal
Bloodpool VoraxNyzul Isle2%Normal
Daggerclaw DracosNyzul Isle2%Normal
Northern ShadowNyzul Isle2%Normal
RocNyzul Isle2%Normal
AquariusNyzul Isle2%Normal
Energetic ErucaNyzul Isle2%Normal
Spiny SpipiNyzul Isle2%Normal
Trickster KinetixNyzul Isle2%Normal
Golden BatNyzul Isle2%Normal
Steelfleece BaldarichNyzul Isle2%Normal
Sabotender MariachiNyzul Isle2%Normal
UngurNyzul Isle2%Normal
SwamfiskNyzul Isle2%Normal
BuburimbooNyzul Isle2%Normal
Keeper of HalidomNyzul Isle2%Normal
SerketNyzul Isle2%Normal
Dune WidowNyzul Isle2%Normal
OdqanNyzul Isle2%Normal
Burned BergmannNyzul Isle2%Normal
Tom Tit TatNyzul Isle2%Normal
Tyrannic TunnokNyzul Isle2%Normal
Tottering TobyNyzul Isle2%Normal
Southern ShadowNyzul Isle2%Normal
Sharp-Eared RopipiNyzul Isle2%Normal
Panzer PercivalNyzul Isle2%Normal
VouivreNyzul Isle2%Normal
Jolly GreenNyzul Isle2%Normal
Tumbling TruffleNyzul Isle2%Normal
Capricious CassieNyzul Isle2%Normal
AmikiriNyzul Isle2%Normal
Stray MaryNyzul Isle2%Normal
Sewer SyrupNyzul Isle2%Normal
UnutNyzul Isle2%Normal
SimurghNyzul Isle2%Normal
PelicanNyzul Isle2%Normal
Cargo Crab ColinNyzul Isle2%Normal
Wounded WurfelNyzul Isle2%Normal
Peg PowlerNyzul Isle2%Normal
Tom Tit TatNyzul Isle2%Normal