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Server Update: 01/16/2019

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 4:24 pm
by Run_Away
Game Updates since last major announcement...
  • chocobo whistles now required you to have license to use and be lvl 20+, and have been adjusted on what zones they are usable in, primarily disabling use in BCNM zones.
  • have to set all assault tags to 1 for the new year for counter to reset
  • new mount added - warmachine, defeat all toau kings and talk to R. point in Rulude gardens
  • update to !face command to tell you risks of craft
  • update to !tele command to 5 seconds from 15 and can use in all cities
  • opening treasure chests add the loot to pool, gill is split
  • ZNM Vulpangue
  • Some trade bug fixed, ammo with no ranged weapon has a delay now
  • some modifiers from blu spells fixed from positive to negitive
  • Puks are not needed to win assault premtive strike anymore
  • blue ghosts have tp moves including instant death
  • ZNM Claret has right tp move animations now
  • Blu spell self destruct is aoe now
  • NEW NMs:
    Bluestreak Gyugyuroon (standback, immunities)
    Kegpaunch Doshgnosh (immunities, name_prefix, HP, additional effect: fire)
    Hercules Beetle (spawn mechanics)
    Metal Shears (immunities)
    Tempest Tigron (spawn type, immunities, drop rate)
    Timeworn Warrior
    Quu Xijo the Illusory
    Wake Warder Wanda (immunities)
  • All mobskills update, include damage type now slash, blunt ect.
  • latent vs ecosystem started
    I.e. If a weapon says latent +3 attack vs vermin
  • fixed issue with random dynamis lockout
  • coded Raphael's Rod
  • ZNM work is in progress, 1 hour rage and 5 min idle despawn as well as some fight mechanics
  • bomb queeen adds fixed
  • issue where sometime a skillchain results in 0 extra damage is rectified
    due to people fighting and trying to monopolize a zone for hours upon hours and the fact that this zone has a 300% drop chance on currency per mob we are reinstating a lockout of dynamis Jueno.
    Starts at entering any dynamis is 1 hour to reenter but the lock is only for jueno.
    you can reset your timer for a fee of 1 100 curriency to the trail markings in Ru'Lude Gardens
    with this done i believe i have also fixed the bug cuaseing random lockouts that use to occur
  • pil fixed, can sell eggs again
  • fixed being able to bring a whole party into last 2 TOAU missions
  • was a big mobskill over haul ///// report any that are not functioning, 0 damage