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New Player Question

Post by Comola » Mon Nov 05, 2018 10:22 pm

Hi all,

I use to play retail FFXI until 2004. Than I start again around 2016-2017. So I know a lot on the retail side.

My Question is the following.

1. Is solo to level 75 doable?
2. Is there any GM in this Server?
3. What is the population in this server?
4. How is the auction how economy?
5. Is it easy to make gil?
6. Will I need to spend a long time running from one place to the other? The current Retail FFXI almost eliminate those downtime. I just want to see how much time I will able to put into the game instead of just running around.
7. Will windower works on this server?
8. Is there anyone botting? Or much better will bot work on this server? (I got annoy by the bot player)

I think that is all of my question.

Thank you

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Re: New Player Question

Post by darkhalo » Tue Nov 06, 2018 1:54 am

Yes soloing to 75 is doable.
Yes there is a gm staff it watches for bots etc fixes bugs does donation tickets,
Around 140ish peak time I'd say,
Its player based auction house players seem to stock it really well,
It's rather easy to make gill farming with thf lady bug wings and doing the trade in quest gives I think 4x gill amount,
Home points work here so it's rather quick, also if you donate 5 dollers you can get a chocobo whistle
No bots allowed those caught get banned
I think I covered your questions look forward to seeing you in game! Goodluck!

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