Welcome to Era, a private Final Fantasy XI community.

Era is a free, non-profit Final Fantasy XI private server, specifically focused on the classic 75 cap experience up to the Wings of the Goddess expansion with many custom features and content that is always growing.

Server Rules | Installation

Here at Era our features include:

  • EXP, Skillup & Crafting Rate: x4
  • Level Sync
  • PVP Combat
  • Fishing
  • FoV / GoV pages
  • Ridable mounts
  • All jobs through WotG, including DNC & SCH
  • Max inventory and all 8 Wardrobes available
  • Masterkey: open any door.
  • Home point warps & Custom warps
  • All Maps unlocked
  • All Crafts skillable to 100
  • Global Linkshell chat
  • Increased gil rewards from quests & missions
  • "Mentor Mode": x1 exp with special rewards
  • Group-based exp against IT++ mobs
  • Procedurally generated custom quests
  • Player-run economy
  • Dedicated server hardware and skilled staff
  • Custom HNM bosses
  • Dynamis, Limbus, Salvage, Sea, Sky, Nyzul Isle, and ZNM all are available. Many assaults as well, and Einherjar is under active development

Era is one of the longest running FFXI private servers, with a fantastic community of players.
Updates are made often and logged in our Discord server.

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