Era is a private Final Fantasy XI community powered by DSP.
Era is a non-profit Final Fantasy XI gaming community, specifically focused on the classic 75 cap experience with many custom features. Our server is community funded by dedicated players that pitch in to keep the experience possible. In the event that our donations exceed the server costs, we donate the remainder to a charity voted on by the community. Our costs are strictly for hardware rental and all staff are unpaid volunteers. DSP servers span a range of playstyles, and we encourage you to choose the server best suited to your interests. You can find the full list of DSP servers here.

Here at Era our features include:
  • Default exp rate: x4
  • Level Sync
  • PVP Combat
  • Puppetmaster
  • Fishing
  • FoV pages (no alliances)
  • Masterkey: open any door.
  • Global Linkshell chat
  • "Mentor Mode": x1 exp with special rewards
  • Group-based exp against IT++ mobs
  • Procedurally generated custom quests
  • Player-run economy
  • Dedicated server hardware and skilled staff
  • Custom HNM bosses

* Keep in mind that as DSP and retail FFXI updates continue, some features may not be usable at all times. This is true for all DSP servers. *
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