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Welcome to Era, a private Final Fantasy XI community powered by DSP.
Era is a non-profit Final Fantasy XI gaming community, specifically focused on the classic 75 cap experience with many custom features. Our server is community funded by dedicated players that pitch in to keep the experience possible. In the event that our donations exceed the server costs, we donate the remainder to a charity voted on by the community. Our costs are strictly for hardware rental and all staff are unpaid volunteers. DSP servers span a range of playstyles, and we encourage you to choose the server best suited to your interests. You can find the full list of DSP servers here.

Here at Era our features include:
  • Default exp rate: x4
  • Level Sync
  • PVP Combat
  • Puppetmaster
  • Fishing
  • FoV pages (no alliances)
  • Masterkey: open any door.
  • Global Linkshell chat
  • "Mentor Mode": x1 exp with special rewards
  • Group-based exp against IT++ mobs
  • Procedurally generated custom quests
  • Player-run economy
  • Dedicated server hardware and skilled staff
  • Custom HNM bosses

* Keep in mind that as DSP and retail FFXI updates continue, some features may not be usable at all times. This is true for all DSP servers. *

To help the server grow Era has been focused on making a Social Media Presence. If you would like the see the server grow please help us by following/liking our posts on social media, and tuning into our official Twitch Streams!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FFERA_SERVER
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myeraserver/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/FFERA/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8DYcb ... haUsoVO1qQ
Quick rundown of the changes to be expected (Notes);

The Server will be updated to version 30190430_0. There is needed master quest code updated & master mission code update from DSP (Please ticket problems as any custom quest or mission can now have a bugs)

In addition;
  • Group food has core coding now
  • Perfect dodge is 30 seconds + mods
  • Curaga earring coded
  • Ladybug wings drop from ladybugs in La Vaule [S]
  • Mighty Strikes now makes WS's crit
  • Magic Accuracy on a Magic Burst will get a significant boost
These changes should be live by the middle of the month. Stay tuned to our discord http://discord.io/ffera for further details
Some new themes are now available for the website... Listed under Account!

If you would like to create your own you can push one to https://github.com/RunAwayDSP/EraTheme

an example one is given

open you USER file inside your FFXI Dir. you fill have files that are encoded with a hex number. So open up your calculator app and set it to programmer mode.

2 ways to do it

1. type the id number in the hex field and get the decimal number then take that decimal number - 21808 = ? then convert that decimal back to hex and change the file name to the new hex number
so for knowone its 57288 - 21808 = 35480 convert to hex is 8a98
rename and overwrite file dfc8 which is 57288 in hex to 8a98

and open these 2 web pages.
this is your old charid number page:

this is your current charid number:

type in your char name in both and get the ID in the top. example mine is
old: https://ffera.com/basedsp/?p=characters&id=57288
id = 57288 in hex thats dfc8

new: http://ffera.com/?p=characters&id=35480
id = 35480 in hex its 8a98

so delete you current file named 8a98 and change the name of file dfc8 to 8a98
Recent Website changes:
  • LSM now has ability to sort by online status: Thanks @Vayle for suggestion
  • New Database lists for Quests and Missions
  • Can now leave comments for:
  • Unique IPs online added
  • Added last online date to LSM and Bazaar (under items database)
  • Added mob spells and abilities under monster database
  • Added full news posting to website
Game Updates since last major announcement...
  • changes have been made to cruor crystal , you no longer need to trade item and coin, just item and it will deduct cruor
    you can also trade you coin back for 1k points a coin
    you can also trade in xp rings in and recharge for a deduction of 1k points
    changes to horine: flee removed and can only trade 1 type of crystals at a time in multiples of 12 only -- 36 fire crystals = 3 clusters
    you can now only trade in item and 50k to remove augments from augmented items
  • known issue with rytaal and runic portals with assault active. WIP to fix
  • can now remove augs from the non rare/ex gear with runga eggs
  • assault runic portal is working again
  • added a new cock skin craft wise strap
  • Promy uptime fixed in next update
  • Grumblix gil rewards have been removed, footprint rewards are still there though. Normal item rewards remain, Salvage is on the horizon and due to this the Salvage gear obtainable from Grumblix will be removed after approximately one month after Salvage is released.
  • Promy Vahzl and Sacrarium now give 1k Cruor for assisting others in completing the mission. Promyvion Mea/Holla/Dem and Minotaur give 600, more will be added
  • enmity cap raised, and some changes along with pet enmity
  • update to mythics: if you have completed the 500 points and can use a mythic ws then you just need to click the NPC Sniggnix in lower jueno - he is in same hall as quest giver unlocking a myth. will need to click him for each mythic unlocked.
    if you havent completed a mythic to 500 then you need to be on the job and equip the weapon and he will then transport the new style points to that weapon and you can continue building to 500 and then complete it the retail way
    at any time you can trade a item the has a ws latent lock to it to sniggnix and he will evaluate it and give it back telling you how many points you have accrued on it
  • WSNM's quests will have to be done if you havent to unlock the weaponskills, they include: Empyreal Arrow, Decimation,
    Black Halo, Evisceration, Steel Cyclone, Tachi: Kasha, Ground Strike, Asuran Fists, Blade: Ku, Detonator, Impulse Drive, Spiral Hell, Retribution, Savage Blade
  • custom relics have been changed to new weapons for mythic ws quest but have all same old stats and look except for sch has a new look
    the weapons are
    DNC > Peeler
    BLU > Side-Sword
    COR > Thunderstick
    SCH > Crook
    PUP > Pugilists
    they say they are equipable in dat to other jobs but they are not
    if your just starting a mythic ws quests then just start same as retail after you get a base weapon
    was a mixup in 1 item replacement mythic base weapons for pld and rdm both got changed to pld

    if you had both its already fixed if you only had the rdm sword will need ticket to remove the pld sword changed to the rdm
  • new NM hunt avail


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